SUPERCAL 2 Modular Calorimeter System

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The built in bomb completely eliminates all bomb handling by the operator, reducing work load to a minimum.



The operator has only to load the crucible onto the bomb cap, add cotton thread or ignitor liquid, then load the bombcap into  calorimeter and close the lid. The controller pressurises the bomb, equalises and measures temperatures, fires the bomb and calculates the result. It then depressurises, cools and rinses the bomb.



Seven minute analysis cycle time with 0.12 % repeatability. Friendly Windows software provides easy and effective control and data management. Advanced self diagnostic capabilities assist in most problem solving.



A Supercal system can start out with just one calorimeter plus controller. It can be enlarged as required to a total of three calorimeters, all controlled by the original PC, and run by a single operator.



Long life bayonet locking cap eliminates threaded bomb cap replacement costs.

Proven lowest running cost per analysis.

SuperCal 2 Operation Video


The user is able to enter the pressure to which the determinations will be pressurised into a table in the System Constants.

A very effective Ash Collection Screen, located in the bottom of the bomb, prevents combustion debris from entering and jamming the Release Piston. This increases the required service interval to the Release Assembly to many months apart.

A magnetic coupling is used to drive the Stirrer Assembly, reducing thermal interference and increasing reliability.

Electronic components are mounted on a slide up rear chassis where they can be easily accessed for repair or chassis replacement. The front cover removes easily to gain access to all solenoids and other components.

Up to three Supercal 2 Calorimeter Modules can be installed side by side and controlled to a common PC Controller, run by a single operator