DRYCAL Dry Bomb Calorimeter

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Best-selling Calorimeter in South Africa


*   High Safety Long Life Bomb

Proven long life bayonet locking bomb closure system with safety interlock to prevent accidental opening of pressurised bomb.


*   Fast and Accurate

Produces Calorific Value results that conform with wet bomb calorimeters.  7 - 8 minute analysis time with 0.12% repeatability.  Multiple bomb usage is catered for.


*   Large Screen Controller

Friendly Windows software provides easy and effective control and data management.


Modular and  Expandable

Up to two calorimeter units can be run by a single operator in one combined system.


Low Maintenance

Lowest possible running cost per analysis.  Thermostatically contolled Outer Jacket improves stability in laboratories without air conditioning.

DryCal Operation Video

Bayonet Lock BOMB Closure System.

The Bayonet Bomb Lock, which was pioneered by us in 1984, completely eliminates the need for frequent reconditioning of bombs due to worn closure threads.


Novel Pressurisation Interlock

This patented feature ensures high bomb safety by preventing the bomb from being pressurised when the bombcap is not fully locked. It also prevents an operator from attempting to open the bomb while still pressurised.


Built in Bomb ID System.

The identity of the bomb is incorporated into the handle, Bomb No 1 being shown in the illustration. Up to 8 bombs can be accommodated in any given system or laboratory.

Compact Rugged Construction

Calorimeter Modules are constructed of Stainless Steel and powder coated Aluminium for attractive appearance and long life. No highly inflamable Polystyrene is used.


Constant Temperature Outer Jacket

This provides good long term stability without the need for precise control of ambient temperature that require elaborate air conditioning systems.


Modular and Expandable

A Drycal System can start out with a single Calorimeter Module, and be expanded as required by adding a second Calorimeter and third Bomb.


Convenient Bomb Cooler also Washes Bomb

At the completion of each determination the bomb is placed inverted onto the Bomb Cooler, which rinses and cools the bomb back to the ideal starting temperature automatically.