Advantages of the Bayonet Locking Bomb

Extremely Long Life.

Our bayonet locking bomb requires just one eighth of a turn to engage the cap into the fully locked position in the bomb. By comparison a traditional threaded closure will require a number of turns to close, inevitably causing considerably more wear. For this reason many of the bayonet locking bombs in our instruments have been in full service for up to twenty years without requiring replacement of either bomb or cap. By contrast a threaded cap bomb must be checked and reconditioned at comparatively short intervals - often requiring an expensive replacement threaded ring. Despite the use of improved designs that utilise “multi-start” threads, threaded bombs remain an ongoing and expensive disadvantage of some calorimeters to this day.


Quick and Easy Operation

Opening and closing a threaded cap bomb between determinations takes far longer and requires considerably more manual effort on the part of the operator than with a bayonet locking bomb, leading to fatigue and reduced throughput.