“AUTOCAL” Calorimeter

The “AUTOCAL” calorimeter, which we introduced in 1984, offered a higher level of automation than any competing system available at that time.


  1. A built in bayonet locking bomb completely eliminated the need for any bomb handling by the operator.
  2. An automatic loading system placed the bombcap into the bomb and locked the cap.
  3. A novel semi-permanent firing wire was used which lasted for fifty or more determinations, and required only that a short length of cotton be looped between the firing wire and the sample. Prior to this most calorimeters needed a new firing wire for each determination, some even needing a new wire and cotton per firing.
  4. The automatic cycle included charging the bomb with oxygen, stabilising temperature equilibrium between the bomb and the outer jacket using a novel patented through flow method, firing the bomb, determining temperature rise and Calorific Value, then finally cooling and depressurising and rinsing the bomb.
  5. Despite the numerous advantages the AUTOCAL provided, it became clear as time went by that a top loading bomb offered better seal security. Hence all later calorimeters from Energy Instrumentation were top loaded.