DRAGON Ignitor System

The DRAGON Ignitor System was developed to get around the inherent problems of semi permanent firing wire/cotton ignition systems, these being:


  1. Deterioration of the firing wire from exposure to the heat and corrosive effects of the sample combusting in its vicinity.
  2. Time spent knotting the piece of cotton onto the firing wire.
  3. Misfires that can result if a drop of water falls onto the cotton.


The DRAGON Ignitor System comprises:


  1. A specially formed firing wite is located inside a cell mounted above the sample in its crucible. The cell thus protects the wire from deterioration due to the heat of sample combustion.
  2. A special dispenser is used to place a minute drop of a carefully formulated inflammable liquid into the Ignitor Cell.
  3. Following ignition, the drop of liquid falls, while burning, onto the sample below, igniting it in turn.