MC-1000 Modular Calorimeter Features

The MC-1000 Calorimeter followed a “Modular” format, in which each module was a complete stand alone calorimeter controlled by a modified Personal Computer.


The modules were of very compact design (21cm wide x 41 cm deep x 37 cm high) and contained the entire calorimeter – no external oxygen chargers or coolers were required.


Up to FOUR Modules could be installed side by side and connected to the same Controller PC to form a single work station that could be run by a single operator. In the hands of a competent operator a full house MC-1000 system was able to deliver an enormous sample throughput.


All driver electronics for the calorimeter were built onto a slide up backplate that could easily be removed for repair or substitution. All solenoids and other hardware were easily accessed after removing a single fastener and lifting off the front plate. This general layout proved so successful that we have retained it to this day on our current Supercal 2 Calorimeter.